A Brief Guide To Auger Drill Bits

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auger drill bits

Auger drill bits are very durable and possess the power and cutting strength to drill even through solid steel screws and nails. However, it is very important to keep a steady pace and allow the bit to do the work safely. When through the hole simply continue drilling and finish the hole. It’s important that the hole in your hole is large enough to accommodate the auger bit and the drill bit itself. Typical auger drill bits will be able to penetrate about half an inch of concrete, while a good bit drill should be able to penetrate eight inches.

How to Find The Best Auger Drill

For best results when drilling holes in heavy metal it is best to hire the services of a professional concrete drilling company to complete the job. In most cases it is best to start out with a small hole before trying to penetrate many inches at a time. Most reputable concrete companies will have a lot of experience in drilling various types of holes and will know what to look for when determining if to proceed with drilling a larger hole or move to another area. If the hole in your hole is too large for the auger drill bits to penetrate, it may be better to drill a few more holes in a row to get the best results.

Another good way to find the best auger drill bits is to ask a friend who has recently had some work done or perhaps read a few reviews online. They can provide some good pointers as to what you should look for and how to determine if they are doing a good job. It’s also smart to invest in a good set of drill bits to keep your drilling productive. The cost of the drilling equipment can really add up over time and could easily become more costly than you originally thought. Finding a good set of drill bits to keep your drilling productive can go along way to making sure you get the job done right the first time around.

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