Recyclable Sanitary Pads NZ

10 Feb    Shopping

As if the high price of disposable reusable sanitary pads NZ isn’t high enough, there’s also the cost of disposables. Disposable pads cost about thirty cents each, which isn’t much when you consider all of the bacteria, germs and other bacteria that could end up in the trash, but is still a lot to pay for a lifetime of not having clean, hygienic pads available for every use. The reason why reusable pads are so popular is because they cut down on this need for constant rewashing. Not only is it less expensive, but they last a really long time as well.

Best reusable sanitary pads NZ

Reusable sanitary pads UK comes in a wide variety of colors, designs and absorbencies. If you’re having your sanitary pads printed or embroidered you can do so for a very reasonable fee. You can also get different sizes, so that if you have a larger family or you have guests visiting, you’ll always have enough. The absorbency of these products is really important too, so make sure you get the right size. These can go into the dishwasher very easily.


Some people like to just use them in the regular bathroom. However, if you plan on storing them away from the water, be sure that the pads are resistant to water. There are many types of absorbency options. For example, some are made to be extremely absorbent, while others are made to be less absorbent so they’ll still work in the bathroom. You can also get sanitary pads that are not made for bathroom use at all.

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