Retaining Wall Pearlworth Conway and Hamilton-on-Stour

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retaining wall mornington peninsula company based in Bath and North Somerset offering a comprehensive range of high security fences for both civil and commercial use. “Mornington Peninsula Fencing is proud to be leading fencing specialists in the region with more than 25 years of experience building, designing and maintaining a wide range of high security fences, timber cladding and gate systems, providing excellent customer service and the guarantee you can trust.” Contact us today for a no obligation free no questions asked quote – our dedicated experts will get in touch with you to find out what you need and how to make the most suitable fence for your needs. Their key features include:

Everything Homeowners Want To Know About Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall Pearlworth-Percy panels are designed to provide the strength and security necessary for both civil and commercial applications. The panel design is comprised of a core panel that contains the woven fibres which create the core, and side panels, which are manufactured from either wood or metal, which are used to give the wall additional strength. Most panels come standard in white but our range of colours include blue, black, pink and lime green to compliment the beauty of your property. Both the flat surface and the stucco wall panels are easy to install and give excellent protection from the elements, especially at risk in the winter months.

Retaining Wall Hamilton-on-Stour panels are designed to give the best durability in a variety of weather conditions. They are created from high quality materials, including galvanised steel, aluminum and also galvanised aluminium. They are completely customizable, with one and two sided panels available. These are usually fabricated by hand and finished to a high standard. Both the flat surface and stucco panel designs are easy to install and give excellent protection against the elements, particularly at risk in the winter months.

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